5 tips for spotting scam movers

The last thing you need when you’re moving to a new house is to be scammed by fake relocation companies. 
The last thing you need when you’re moving to a new house is to be scammed by fake relocation companies. Unfortunately, though, it’s the last thing that many people expect and so this issue continues to occur world-wide.
The good news is, Crown Relocations takes moving seriously and prioritizes the value of your items above all. So, we have created a list of the 5 main tips for spotting scam moving companies, so that this doesn’t happen to you. 

1. Tick the boxes of a legitimate company

The best way to spot a scam mover, is at first glance. In other words, before you even start communicating with the company, you’ll be able to tick the following boxes of a moving company:
  • Specific street address
  • Website
  • Contactable phone number
  • Provide a quote estimate over the phone/email

2. Be aware of any unusual requests

If this is your first time moving, you may not know what to expect in regard to payment. It is important to know that a legitimate moving company will not:

- Request large deposits or payment in full in advance
- Unrealistically low rates (if you’re thinking it’s too good to be true, it probably is!)
- Asking to visit the property to see the household items prior to giving a quote

3. Protect yourself with records

Like most things in life, it is best to keep written records of everything in order to protect yourself. If you have email correspondence or hand written records of everything with the moving company, you know that if things turn pear shaped, you have an advantage with the law. The main factors to have recorded in writing are:
- Contract: a written confirmation of what the agreement between yourself and the moving company is including payment method, amount etc
- Insurance coverage 
- A breakdown of how your rate was calculated by the moving company

4. Do your research

Doing your research is usually the best thing to do with any company you decide to hire services from, and this is especially relevant in the case of removalists.

The main thing to research is the licencing and accreditation of the company you’re interested in hiring. The Australian Furniture Removers Association has an informative website in which you can use to gain information. There is also a page dedicated to removalists that are within this association. Movers with this membership have the training, insurance and storage facilities as well as access to dispute resolution and exclusive member services which will benefit both parties. 

5. Get a recommendation from a friend

If you chose a company that has been recommended by a friend or family member you trust, it takes out most of the hard work of researching. You should of course do your own basic research to double check, but if they have assisted someone you trust and are recommended to you, it’s a great start.

In summary, the top red flags to watch out for when searching for the right moving company are:
- Companies who demand a large deposit prior to the move
- Companies who request cash prior to the move
- Companies that do not have an address
- Companies who do not have any contact information on their registration/accreditation and insurance
If you follow the guidelines in the above 5 tips, you’re on the right path to finding a great moving company such as that of Crown Relocations, of which we pride ourselves in following the correct protocols for relocating in both Australia and Internationally, world-wide.