Crown Relocations Hong Kong and Macau win the largest library relocation in history of Macau!

In a joint effort by Crown Hong Kong and Crown Macau, Crown has been successfully appointed the designated moving service provider for the University of Macau Library Relocation Project.  This will be the largest library move in Macau’s history.  It is also historically significant as the library will be moved to the new Hengqin campus located in Zhuhai which is part of mainland China.

The Crown Team has been tasked with the monumental challenge of relocating over 480,000 volumes of monographs, 4,000 periodical titles, 12,000 volumes of old Chinese editions and 300 pieces of artwork within a one-month timeframe. It took three days to walk through the campus to conduct the physical survey! 

The project kicks off in June 2014, right in the middle of peak international moving season, to be fully operational upon opening its doors to students in August 2014.