Hong Kong - New Immigration Clearance Procedure for Entry Visa Holders 2014

With immediate effect, the Hong Kong Immigration Department will issue a landing slip to all non-permanent residents arriving in Hong Kong. The slip will bear the individual’s name (in English), passport number, arrival date and the expiration date of their stay in Hong Kong. The holder must keep the landing slip until the conclusion of their stay in Hong Kong.Employment Docs

Previously, the Hong Kong Immigration Department validated an entry visa by stamping it and writing the date of the visa expiry on the stamp. This procedure has now been superseded by the above.

Crown advises all entry visa holders to check the information on the slip upon issue and immediately report any errors to the immigration clearance officers. Ensure that the landing slip is stapled to your travel documents. Additionally, we advise our clients to send copies of their landing slips to their Crown Immigration Consultant in Hong Kong for review and accurate tracking purposes.

The Hong Kong Immigration Department has advised that loss of the slip will not affect a visa holder’s ability to exit Hong Kong under normal circumstances. For additional information, please view the official announcement on the Hong Kong Immigration Department’s website:

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Kit Tang, Regional Immigration Manager - Asia