Mark Neave, Bahrain Country Manager, on life in Bahrain & why he loves his job

I was "born" into moving.Mark Neave At the age of 20 I went on my first truck to Germany in 1979 when my brother, who worked for a moving company, had a member of staff go sick and needed someone in a hurry. I was working night shifts at a polystyrene packaging company in the U.K. at the time and jumped at the opportunity. Since then I have worked in packing, loading, crate-making, export packing, surveying, sales and operations. My family still has a moving company in the U.K. and I have worked with major companies in the business including Pickfords, Allied Pickfords and Crown. This has given me many valuable experiences and I have had the honor of working with excellent people in Western and Eastern Europe, Russia, Spain and now the Middle East. I love this industry and have a passion for it!

I enjoy the international business environment and working in a multi cultural environment both in the Middle East and the Crown World. As a team we all help each other and at Crown there is a real feeling of belonging to a large global family. Jim Thompson and the Executive Board are inspiring leaders.

The objective for the Bahrain market for Crown is to make us the "go to" company for all the services we currently provide, be they relocations, records management or mobility. There is considerable uncertainty currently around the economy in Bahrain, as in many other parts of the world. That uncertainty is not always negative as it presents us with opportunities to assist companies in their HR planning for their expat communities and also to help them reduce property costs by offering creative and cost effective records management policies and procedures, thereby freeing up valuable office space.

This year we have invested in people. We have recruited more people to assist in our expansion plans and also are spending time and money on the training of our people from the crews in the trucks and warehouse to the sales people on the road and the support staff in the office. We are truly a motivated and quality-driven operation here in Bahrain and that dedication to quality, service and creative solutions will develop Crown as a market leader in Bahrain.