Permanent Resident Visa Australia

If you’re considering moving to Australia long-term, you may have realized you need to become a permanent resident. To become a permanent resident in Australia, you need to apply for a ‘permanent resident visa’ which allows you to live in Australia indefinitely. It’s important to not confuse permanent residency with Australian citizenship, as although they are similar in nature, they aren’t the same and you will need to apply for Australian citizenship once you have been living in Australia for a certain amount of time. The most common reasons for applying for this visa, is moving to be with family or moving due to work, which is why the two most common visas available for permanent residency are the family visa and skilled work visa

What are the requirements of becoming a permanent Australian resident?

The main requirement of becoming a permanent resident of Australia is meeting the health standards. Australia prides itself on having one of the highest health standards in the world, which is why you must pass a series of health examinations in order to obtain permanent residency. The results of your medical exams will be assessed by a Medical Officer of the Commonwealth (MOC) and will only be further assessed or rejected if you pose a risk to the Australian public, if your health condition will result in significant healthcare costs or put a demand on community services that are in short supply.  
What are the fees and charges for a permanent Australian visa?
The charges of applying and obtaining a permanent visa varies depending on the reason for permanent residency. That’s why the Australian Government Department of Home Affairs has put together a table for all the varying categories and their respective prices. You can view this table and find out how much it will cost you here.
Types of permanent residency visas in Australia
As mentioned above, there are different types of visa’s depending on your reason for moving to Australia permanently. The main three types of permanent visas are; family-stream, work-stream, business/investment-stream. Other options include; retirement, former resident, distinguished talent and refugee visas. 
  • Family-stream visas are for partners, children or any dependent relatives of an Australian citizen. This category also includes children who are being adopted by an Australian citizen and carers who need to provide long-term care for an approved relative. 
  • Work-stream visas are for people moving to Australia through a business sponsorship or people who have specific skills that Australia values.
  • Business/Investment-stream visas are for people looking to move to Australia for these purposes and must also meet requirements to prove that Australia values their business/investment intentions. 
How to apply for permanent residency in Australia
To find out more and start the process of applying for an Australian permanent visa, you can visit the Australian Government Department of Home Affairs website on Permanent Residency options

Hopefully this article has given you answers to some questions you had about moving to Australia permanently. Once you have obtained your permanent residency and are ready to pack your things, make sure you have a good relocation company on your side for the big move.

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