Shanghai China - New Online Residence Permit Renewals Process Reduces Passport Retention from Seven Days to One Hour

Effective immediately, new online procedures are in place for the renewal of residence permits in Shanghai. The changes remove the existing requirement for an applicant to leave their passport for seven days with the issuing authority, the Exit-Entry Administration Department of Public Security Bureau (PBS). The new procedures will therefore benefit residence permit holders in Shanghai who travel frequently. Note: only applicants who meet certain criteria are eligible for this new process.

Below please find a summary of the new procedures:

New Procedures
Step 1: Complete and submit an online application. Following the submission, an in-person appointment will be arranged at which the PBS will review the applicant’s passport and supporting documentation.

Step 2: On the day of the appointment, take the required documents, including your passport, to the reception counter of the PBS, which is based in the Pudong New Area.

Step 3: If the application is approved, a new residence permit will be issued within approximately one hour.

Notes on New Arrangements for Residence Permit Renewal

  1. Applicable to foreigners working in Shanghai and their accompanying family members with a valid residence permit.
  2. Regarding Step 2, the applicant can authorize a staff member of their sponsoring entity (“working unit”) in Shanghai to submit the documents. An introduction letter from the working unit and a copy of the representative’s ID card must be provided. Whether to accept the documents submitted and finalize the application will be at the strict discretion of the officer at the reception counter of the PBS. All documents and information submitted must be true, correct and complete. In addition, the PBS reserves the right to request additional documents and/or an interview with the applicant.
  3. If any detail of the residence registration has changed, for example the passport number, residence reason or working unit, the applicant must make a direct application at the reception counter.
  4. The duration of the new resident permit will not exceed the applicant’s passport expiration date.
  5. The new residence permit duration will not exceed that of the former residence permit (e.g. if the original residence permit was granted for one year, the new permit will be granted for a maximum of one year).
  6. The residence permit renewal application can be submitted as early as three months prior to, and no later than seven working days before, the expiration date of the current residence permit.
  7. In cases where family members are the only applicants for a renewal application, the principal work permit applicant must have completed the residence permit renewal process.
  8. Applicants must not have any adverse records in the PBS’s system (for example, previous fines).

For more information, please refer to the PBS's web site:

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Kit Tang, Regional Immigration Manager - Asia