Three tips to avoid identity theft before moving

The last thing you may be thinking about before moving either Interstate or Internationally, is identity theft. Unfortunately, this issue is a tough reality, with many people in the world who make it their mission to scam those of us who are moving, stealing money and even our identities or personal information. 

The number one reason movers are prime victims of identity theft, is due to the hassle of taking unnecessary items and documents to the new location. These documents therefore get left behind and may end up in the wrong hands. 

At Crown Relocations, we understand the importance of your security and that’s why we have put together a list of the top three tips to avoid identity theft when moving.

Remove all records

This one seems simple, however, missing this step is the number one reason people find themselves with a stolen identity. As easy as it is to just throw things away, it’s very important to shred the paperwork that is being disposed of. Types of documents that are most crucial to be shredded include: financial statements, receipts, tax returns and medical records – really anything that can be used to prove your identity. Ensure you invest in a quality diamond shredder rather than an older shredder that produces long strands of paper that can be put back together. 

Change your address with all contacts

Many people wait until after they move for this step, but it’s important to reach out to all of the businesses that have your mail address and update them with the new one you’re moving too. 

Many companies today offer statements and updates electronically and won’t usually use your regular mail address. However, they probably still have it in their records - so make sure it is updated. While doing so, you can also request that all documents are sent to you electronically in future, so that there is no chance of the new resident of your old address receiving your confidential information. You’ll find that e-statements are more easily accessible and also better for the environment. A win-win!

Monitor your accounts after the move

As confident as you may be that all grounds have been covered and nothing was overlooked, there is no harm in monitoring your accounts after moving. You can even subscribe to a credit monitoring service that allows you to detect any unauthorized activity catching the identity theft in the early stages.

Find a trusted moving company

Last but certainly not least, the company you’re relocating with must be trustworthy. This company is going to have easy accessibility to all your personal belongings and documentation, so it’s vital finding a quality relocation company even if it costs you a little more. 

Here at Crown Relocations, we’re a trustworthy company with over 50 years of experience helping individuals both interstate and internationally.