Tips on moving internationally

Moving internationally doesn’t have to be a daunting experience. So much so, our team at Crown Relocations have put together five tips to making your international move as smooth as possible.

1. Plan well
Research your new international destination. This includes getting familiar with the predicted weather, the topography and the culture of your new place, so that you know how to prepare and pack. 
Will you need that heavy coat? Do you need to bring your bulky surfboard? Is your existing furniture the right size for the new floor area of your house? There’s no use lugging your piano to the new place if it won’t fit. 

2. Pack smart
Ensure you pack smart. It’s not enough to just throw all your belongings in one box, get up, and go. If you don’t plan to move to a new place with only a boxful of your prized possessions, then you need a packing plan. You need to consider what to pack, when to pack, and how to pack it properly to prevent possible damage and loss of key possessions. 
Try to start with making use of what is readily available or try using large-lidded containers in addition to the moving boxes you already have. Use your thick towels to wrap fragile items or act as fillers inside the boxes instead of bubble wrap. 
Do not pack flammable or explosive items in cartons. Remove batteries from devices. Separate heavy items from light ones and store them in heavy-duty containers. 
Pack according to a system, whether by person or by room or in the most convenient order that makes sense to you. While going through the items, you can also sort them. Some items you will bring with you, some you can give away or be donated.
Label your boxes during the packing stage, then you can easily organise them while you unpack. 
Need help? Here at Crown Relocations we are interstate and international moving experts. Our team can help you pack, move and unpack your boxes. You can trust that your processions will be handled with care if you choose to move with us internationally overseas. 

3. Secure storage
You can also opt to store your seasonal items or those that you have no use for in your new place. Crown Relocations have an extensive range of short term and long-term storage solutions. Crown Relocations storage services provide a professional and cost-effective alternative to self-storage, perfect for when you arrive at your new destination whilst you take your time to find the right home.
Our team at Crown Relocations have over 50 years’ experience in storage services. Our removalists will pack, wrap and collect your treasured items and deliver to a Crown Relocations secure storage facility of your choosing across a range of selected countries globally around the world.

4. Be systematic
You will need to find the time to clean the house you vacate. When preparing for a move, you also have to make sure that the place you are moving into is clean and ready. 
This is important, so that you can just plug and play all your items into their proper places. You won’t need to waste time scrubbing walls and wiping dusty surfaces. 
Enrol children in school and activities so they can start when they arrive to the new home. Find work and set up a meeting for when you arrive. Plan for friends to visit so you can take them for a tour of your new neighbourhood and introduce them to new friends. Crown Relations local co-ordinators can help you settle into your new place with all of these key services, helping you along the way.

5. Ask for assistance
Moving is hard work and it will be helpful if friends and family can help you move. However, moving is a big chore and your friends and family would probably rather plan a going away party or visit and explore your new neighbourhood overseas.
Enlist the help of professional removalists - Crown Relations is Australia’s preferred international removalists. You can be assured that our team of professionals will handle your items with exquisite care. 
Crown Relocations provide car, boat and vehicle transports services, pet transport, environmental- friendly packing materials and corporate moving solutions. Ensuring you’re looked after throughout the entire process from start to finish.
Similarly, you can also sigh with relief with our valet unpacking service. If you do not have the time nor the inclination to attend to the nitty gritty of unboxing your belongings, let Crown relocations do the work for you. You can trust that Crown Relocations will unpack and organise your new place. You can start exploring your new area, meet new friends and then step into a clean and organised home. 

Make the right move. Contact Crown Relocations removalists and storage experts today.