Moving to Tasmania

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    Thinking about moving to Tasmania?

    Tasmania is an island away from the rest of Australia. With a rich history, this state offers a blend of absolute nature coupled with some of Australia's oldest buildings and settled areas. With the main population areas being Launceston in the north and Hobart in the south, in between lies a countryside dotted with small towns and villages dedicated to farming and other agircultural uses of the land. Moving to Tasmania is certainly a wise move for those who love the countryside.


    There are pristine beaches with the bluest water and the whitest sand and there are deep lakes and forests that lend habitat to some of Australia's rarest animals and birdlife. The fauna and flora are exquisitely unique and mainland Australian's often say the same about the people of the island, who live a relaxed way of life away from the busyness of the other states.

    Value for Money

    With house and land prices often lower than other parts of the mainland it is possible to gain some fantastic real estate value here. When moving to Tasmania, many comment on the size of the rural blocks available. If you have a large family with pets and are looking for that extra bit of land space, Tasmania offers many rewards.


    If you are used to living in northern Europe or come from New Zealand then the climate will be very agreeable to you. With higher highs than those places and moderate lows, Tasmania will seem less harsh in the winter, with the reward of a warmer sun in the summer.


    An integral part of Tasmania is it's islands, inlets and waterways. With so many remote water escapes to explore - Tasmania is the perfect place for all boating enthusiasts with much more reasonable water charges than the likes of Auckland or Sydney.


    With many rolling hills, dirt & gravel roads and muddy areas you may want to bring your prized 4X4 with you from mainland Australia or further afield. Crown has the ability and capacity to help relocate vehicles of all shapes & sizes across Australia even trucks and farm equipment that's needed for Tasmania operations.

    If moving to Tasmania  is on your mind then speak to one of our dedicated and experienced team today. We are happy to go through the finer details of such a move with you and provide you with a FREE MOVING QUOTE to help you get closer to your dreams.