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    Visa service for Australians moving overseas

    Equipping people for international relocations is our business. As established removalists, we understand the importance of visa applications is a vital part of your entire move. Our comprehensive visa service is designed for Australians relocating to all destinations, globally.
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    Home and away

    Our team of licensed advisers will guide you through the whole application process. People often think the biggest challenge is choosing the right visa, but the major difficulty comes before any application in establishing your eligibility to apply. The combination of our specialist knowledge and support from an experienced relocations team makes getting a visa for Australians simple, convenient and will help you focus on the road ahead.

    Why use a professional visa support service

    Getting a visa is just about the toughest part of any move abroad.
    Complex and ever-changing immigration and visa application processes can make getting your visa difficult and often unsuccessful. Our tailored visa service for Australians provides professional support via licensed visa advisers to ensure a smooth process from start to finish.
    Once you’re ready to submit a visa application, our experts can either check it or help you to complete it. Our visa specialists will make sure that all the correct supporting documentation is submitted, giving you a much better chance of a complete application, the first time. Simple errors often mean rejection, resubmission and long delays.
    Finally, it’s good to know you have the support of licensed advisors who are experienced in dealing with immigration officials. They know the best wording to use and how to layout information to strengthen your application. If problems arise, they have the expertise to resolve issues quickly and improve your chances of success.

    Thinking of living, working, studying or just visiting another part of the world?

    Professional support with your visa application means:

    • Improved chances of a firm job offer
    • You stay informed on your application process throughout
    • Fewer application delays