Our response to COVID-19

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    Doing more to make relocating easier for you

    We are committed to making your international relocation as easy as possible during these uncertain times. We offer flexible move dates and no up-front fees on up-coming moves and have access to the latest information on border restrictions. We’ve also enhanced our service delivery to ensure we reduce risk to our customers and staff, which remains our number one priority.

    We can assess your move needs virtually

    Virtual consultations enables our consultants to create a detailed service proposal for you without entering your property. Using video calling technology we can itemise what you would like shipped, assess any items that need additional protection and answer your questions. 

    Flexible move dates

    We are aware that country borders are closing and re-opening all the time which can make it harder to agree a move date. To help and provide flexibility, we are currently accepting bookings for later in the year with no fixed move date.

    We are also expecting to see an increase in demand for our services when COVID-19 related restrictions start to be lifted. This will likely mean we have to carefully prioritize and its likely those who have already secured their bookings with us will have first pick of move dates when they become available. So we do recommend booking early.

    No upfront fees

    We know COVID-19 has put pressure on many household budgets, so while your booking secures your place in our virtual queue, we will not be expecting payment until seven days prior to the move.

    High quality storage solutions

    We also have storage solutions available if you would like to postpone moving your items until a later time, but are able to continue with your international move.

    Coronavirus info in Australia

    Find the latest news, key facts and figures, contacts and phone numbers, and answers to Coronavirus in Australia on Australia Government Department of Health website.

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