Virtual consultations

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    Crown’s virtual consultation service is the modern way for you to arrange a free online moving quote from the comfort of your home via a mobile device – whether you’re moving across Australia or internationally, overseas.

    With virtual consultations, you can expect:

    • Simple and convenient no-hassle experience to get you on the move
    • Quicker than traditional in-home consultation
    • Complete video record of all items you’re moving
    • Less intrusive approach to surveying your items

    How it works

    1. Download our user-friendly app
    2. Connect on a live video chat
    3. Show us the items you want to move
    4. Get a tailored service proposal within 48 hours

    Image showing the Virtual Consultations process

    Next steps

    Complete the free online moving quote form on this page. One of our Mobility Advisors will be in touch shortly to arrange a convenient time slot that works best for you.