5 ways to have an eco-friendly move

Are you moving abroad and your green conciousness feels unease? Moving kilometers away from your home doesn’t need to have a huge impact on the environment! Discover the best 5 tips to have an eco-friendly move.

Nowadays, we are much more conscious of our impact on our surroundings than never before. We recycle, reuse and consume bio-products in an attempt to protect our environment. Thus, it isn’t surprising that planning an international move, bring us to an internal struggle between our desire to discover the world and our desire to protect it. The question is: is it possible to have a green move?

Despite having a 100% green move is not possible, there are a lot of ways to minimize your ecological footprint. On occasion of the World Environmental Day, we give you five tips to have a greener move!

1. Eco-packing

Use cartons and packaging material from recycled sources and minimize the use of oil-based products, such as bubble wrap, to protect your belongings. All of Crown Relocations’ cartons are 100 percent recyclable and our global policy is to use materials from recycled sources wherever possible.

In addition to this, reuse the original packaging from your electronic items such as televisions, and only take items that you will be able to use in your destination. Electrical voltage regulations may differ at your destination, so be sure to check your devices.

2. Keep, donate, store or sell?

Once you know you’re moving, decide what you want to take with you, what can be stored and what you can sell or donate. Label items with sticky notes so you can visualize what to get rid of, what you’ll be taking with you and what will be going into storage. Try to avoid purchasing new items and donate unnecessary items to a local charity.

3. Reuse and recycle

Once your belongings arrive in your new home, reuse or recycle the packaging material. Get creative – that cardboard box could become a new toy box! But don’t forget to recycle any unwanted boxes. Crown Relocations’ Packing Crews will be happy to take away all your packaging materials for recycling.

4. Go paper free

Despite being surrounded by technology, we still tend to print too many documents. Try to keep your files digitally. It will also be easier to find them later!

5. Live an eco-friendly lifestyle

There are loads of small ways you can live greener. If a light bulb goes in your new home, replace it with an energy efficient alternative, which may even save you some money! And, walk or take the bus to the local town. It will give you more time to explore the area and might also provide the opportunity for you to speak to the locals and become part of your new community.

To find out more about our commitment to the environment, read our 2017 Sustainability Report