Christmas abroad

Christmas is always one of the hardest times to be living away in another country. However you can still have a Christmas like the ones you are used to no matter where you are.

Put a twist on your Christmas dinner

Don’t focus too much on creating Christmas dinners like the ones you would usually have. The country you have relocated to may not have all the ingredients you would need. So work with what you have and create a new, just as tasty Christmas dinner for you and your family. For instance, if there is no turkey try chicken this Christmas.

Stay in touch with loved ones

Pre-arrange with loved ones the best time to reach them this Christmas so that time differences and dinner plans won’t affect you keeping in touch. This way while you can’t psychically be there, you can still celebrate with loved ones. If you have the devices you could Skype or FaceTime and open presents you received on video or show each other round your decorated homes.

Keep your traditions

If you used to watch a certain film at Christmas watch it this year, if you used to go carolling with your family keep it up. Whatever make you feel happy at Christmas incorporate that into your Christmas routine in your new home.