We put safety first!

Taking care of people is our priority and we are committed to keeping everyone safe. For this reason, we have adopted new safety standards in all locations where we operate.

What has changed?

In this list you will find a summary of the changes made to the services managed by Crown: 

Non-contact service options

• We offer the option of a virtual consultation to evaluate the goods that will be taken on the move, avoiding the need for a physical meeting.

•  We can provide our services without your presence in certain circumstances (if you are in the risk group for example).

•  We understand the importance of interaction without physical contact at this time. The ideal scenario is that there is a minimum number of customers and employees on an operational or sales visit, always according to the needs of each service. . 

Health controls

• Our entire team will also complete a safety control questionnaire before visiting our customers' homes and their body temperatures will be checked at the beginning of each workday.

• Operational relocation teams will be contacted by their supervisors every day to ensure that they are in good health and have no flu symptoms.

• We schedule the entry times of operational teams to limit physical contact in their activities.

• Whenever possible, our teams will work with the same two or three people per location. 

PPE and Personal Hygiene

•  All employees receive their own Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), which includes masks, disposable gloves, hand sanitizer, soap and individual toolboxes.

• We instructed teams to wash their hands regularly with soap or hand sanitizer; we encourage them to use masks and practice social distance as the best way to prevent COVID-19.

• Our vehicles are being sanitized daily.