Moving to Manchester

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Moving to Manchester

Madly passionate about the sport, this city is home to two premier league football teams, Manchester United and Manchester City. Not only was it the world's first railway station, and the place in which scientists first split the atom.

In years gone by Manchester was better known as a ‘cottonopolis’ due to its intense cotton spinning and textile industry, which catapulted it to the helm of the Industrial Revolution. 

Whether it be eating out, shopping til’ you drop, or grooving to an eclectic music scene, this city is hard to beat. Like other major cities, commuter traffic can be a headache. Thankfully, Manchester’s robust train and city tram network makes ditching the car in favour of public transport a viable option. 

To avoid commuting altogether, opt for city living, look to Deansgate Locks, Castlefield and The Ropeworks for a range of one and two bedroom modern penthouse apartments in city’s centre. If you do prefer to head out of town, the more favourable commuter villages include Chorlton and Didsbury, which boast vibrant local café cultures, or to the North, Whitefield and Prestwich, which also provide an agreeable residential option with restaurants bars and shops on hand.

What is special or unique about Manchester?

Once known as being a Northern England industrial city, Manchester has spent the last 15 years shaking off this image and has emerged as a desirable place to live, filled with culture, fine dining, good shopping and lots of entertainment.

What are a newcomer's first impressions of Manchester?

The city has a real buzz about it and newcomers are often surprised at the number of attractions and the thriving café scene.

Are these impressions likely to change?

Manchester is continuing to evolve, with lots of inner-city development and apartment blocks being built. The landscape will continue to change for some time yet.

What is the local language?


How easily could I live in Manchester without knowing this language?

It is strongly recommended you learn at least conversational English before you arrive as it will help with daily life in Manchester.

What are good things to remember in order to avoid offending the other residents of Manchester?

Mancunians are very good-natured and have a good sense of humor, however it is useful to remember that there are a number of nationalities, religions and beliefs within the city so it is best to always be polite, courteous and aware of different cultures.

How might the local weather affect my daily life?

England has unpredictable weather! Manchester is generally cool and rainy from November to April, but from May to October the warm weather arrives and you will enjoy some wonderful warm sunshine.

Is there anything else I should know about the overall character of Manchester or its people?

Football (soccer) plays a major part in the lives of the people of Manchester, with a choice of two rival teams to support – Manchester United or Manchester City.

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