Muscat Education

What types of schools do most expats in your city choose for their children?
Most expats choose a private international school with a British or mixed-type curriculum (British and American). There is one American school, one British school and one British/American school.
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What are some examples of these schools?
ABA (American British Academy
): ABA is a well-established school and provides an international environment. It has an exceptional record of high marks in the IGCSE and International Baccalaureate (IB) examinations, as well as a high rate of acceptance of ABA students to high-ranking universities and colleges throughout the world. ABA offers a high-quality academic program that recognizes both the value of technology and the importance of multi-cultural understanding in an increasingly interconnected world.
The ABA is recognized by the Ministry of Education (Community Schools Section) of the Sultanate of Oman. ABA is fully accredited by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools, USA. The school is a member of Near East South Asia Schools Association (NESA). It is authorized by the International Baccalaureate Organization as an IB Primary Years, IB Middle Years and IB Diploma-awarding institution.
The British School – Muscat: A British Education for an International Future. Recently judged by inspectors as an outstanding and high-performing school. The British School-Muscat is one of the leading schools in the Middle East.  It is a non-profit, non-selective, co-educational, British international day school that provides a comprehensive and balanced education to a mix of approximately 900 English-speaking expatriate pupils, aged 3 to 18 (47 nationalities, 58% British). The school follows an enhanced national curriculum for England and produces exceptionally high SATs, GCSE and A Levels results, placing it in the top 3% of schools in England.
The American International School of Muscat: The American International school follows the American curriculum and is the only school to be sponsored by the American Embassy. The school, which opened in 2000, has some great facilities for students to enjoy arts, sports and academic excellence. The school has nearly 400 students, from over 40 nationalities. Instruction is conducted in English. There are support facilities for special needs children.
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Is there a lot of competition for spots in local schools?
Yes; most schools have a waiting list.
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Are pre-schools also widely available (for children approx. 2 to 5 years old)?
Yes, including American British Academy (ABA), The British School Nursery, National Nursery Montessori, The Oasis Kindergarten and Tender Buds Nursery.
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How are most kids transported to and from school?
Mostly by their parents; some travel by school bus.
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When does the typical school year start and end?
Early September to late June.
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Is there anything else I should know about local schools?
Nothing in particular.
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