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Are there any vaccinations I should get or other health precautions to take as I prepare for my move to your city?

In general, no vaccinations against communicable diseases are required for entering Norway. However, there may be specific requirements depending on your country or origin. If you are in doubt, please contact Norwegian authorities or the embassy in your home country.


Before I get sick, what should I know about seeking medical care in your city as an expat?

If you are admitted to a hospital and are a member of the national insurance scheme, you do not pay for treatment, medication or hospital accommodation. Pregnant women do not pay for any pregnancy check-ups. Children under the age of 12 do not pay any medical treatment fees, and anyone under the age of 18 who requires psychological help does not have to pay any treatment fees. Fees required for children under the age of 16 may be added to the fees of a parent. If the total amount of fees exceeds the annual upper limit, the child and parent are entitled to a fee exemption card.


What is the word for "doctor" in the local language?



What is the best way to locate a suitable health care provider?

Check the directory for the local hospital where you are residing. You will be assigned a family doctor.


Do expats in the area tend to leave the city/area/country to seek medical care? If so, why and where do they go?

Private services might be located in other areas. Or you could be directed to other areas for public care due to limited capacity.


What is the number to call to summon help in an emergency? List medical/fire/police.

Fire: 110

Police: 112

Medical Emergency: 113


What do I do if there's an emergency in the middle of the night—or at another time when my normal doctor/clinic is unavailable?

Call 113 or go directly to the local emergency hospital.


How will I recognize a pharmacy? What is it called in the local language?

It is called "APOTEK" and it has green signs.


Is the water safe to drink?

Yes. It is very clean and tasty.


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