Oslo Young People

How well-equipped is this city for those raising infants/toddlers? Specifically, are there public places to change diapers, maintained playgrounds, etc?

Norway is very well equipped for young people. Most public places provide facilities to entertain infants and toddlers, including toilet facilities that are very convenient for the parents.


Where can I get a list of reliable childcare providers/nannies?

This can be obtained from the Internet or the directory of the local community. Look for the word "Barnehager."


Discuss any safety issues for children in this city.

The city takes special attention in the welfare and safety of children. Many public areas are planned with extensive consideration given to children.


What are the most popular kid-friendly attractions in the area?

Rent a canoe up in Nordmarka forest, visit the animals at Bogstad Gård (farm), jump from 10 meters at Frognerbadet (outdoor swimming pool area by the Vigelandpark) or take a ride or twenty on the rollercoaster of Tusenfryd amusement park. If you prefer to take it easy, you can pay a visit to one of Oslo's museums suitable for children. Several of the museums have organized activities for children and families.

Only half an hour by subway from Oslo city center, there are vast opportunities for winter fun like alpine centers, cross walk, skiing, etc.


What are the most popular activities for kids after school or on weekends?

Local sports or other cultural activities, both for leisure and for competition. During weekends, activities on the sea or in the forest are quite popular. During winter, snow and ice activities are easily available everywhere.


What's it like to be a teenager in this city? Are there any particular challenges I should be aware of as a parent?

The schools organize many activities that often keep them busy with excitement. The comprehensive public transportation system and low crime rate can give children freedom they might not have in other major cities. Oslo, like other major cities, has its challenges. Alcoholic beverages are not allowed to be sold to minors below 18; stronger liquors are available at the age of 20.


Are there any organizations/social groups in the area that cater exclusively to young people ages 12-17?

There are many organizations from different sports and cultural groups that cater to this age group.


I want my child to get the most out of our stay in this country. Are there any specific opportunities to teach young people about the local culture?

It is recommended that children engage with other Norwegian children as this is the best way to teach both the local language and get involved in local culture. This way, children will have opportunities to participate in events, festivals, etc.


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