Packing materials

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    We use specialized packing materials to take care of different items:


    • Soft packing materials protect polished surfaces
    • Padded kraft paper covers exterior of piece
    • Boxed in cardboard for stronger support where needed
    • Fragile items are crated, as necessary.
      Furniture packing

    Small fragile items

    • From glassware to china, large or small, each item is individually wrapped, cushioned and carefully boxed prior to shipment.
      Packing small item

    Large fragile items

    • Tissue and corrugated bubble wrap for added protection
    • Contour packing allows for safer handling and space-efficient loading
    • Custom crating provides maximum protection where needed.
      Packing large item


    • Laydown cartons keep clothes flat and saves space
    • Upright wardrobes let coats and suits remain hanging in transit
    • Tissue paper between layers of clothing
    • Items should be clean and dry prior to packing.
      Packing clothing

    Audio-visual items

    • Sensitive electronic items, such as televisions, are protected by using non-static cushioning materials that provide protection in transit.


    • Always custom packed
    • Grand pianos are disassembled for transit
    • Extra care is taken to accommodate heavy weight and delicate inner mechanism
    • Note: pianos should be tuned two weeks after delivery.
      Packing piano


    • Always rolled, not folded (length permitting)
    • Wrapped with porous material to allow rugs to breathe
    • Desiccant packets are used to keep carpets moisture-free
    • Note: rugs should be clean and dry prior to packing.
    • Packing rug

    Special items

    • Packing is customized for items with delicate and irregular structures
    • Items are padded and reinforced to protect vulnerable areas
    • Crates are made to measure and used for select items that are fragile, extremely heavy or of high value.
      Packing special item


    • Automobiles are securely braced into steel containers
    • Motorcycles are transported in custom-built crates
    • Batteries are disconnected and fuel tanks are drained, according to regulations.