International moving tips from those who have done it

Are you considering moving to another country? ECA International looked at the top issues that previous expats found once they relocated abroad. Through the issues they faced you may find your own relocation to be a lot smoother by avoiding their mistakes.

High cost of living

According to research from ECA International many expats did not factor in the cost of living before making the decision to relocate to another country. A way to counter this found was to not settle on the first shops you find as you may end up paying more for groceries. Shopping around within your vicinity you will find where the cheaper stores are sooner.

Quality and availability of services and goods

Taking the time to research what will be available in your new home will save a lot of issues. For instance, if you are aware before you arrive that the types of food and shops you are used to will not be available in your new home, you can then look into suitable alternatives in advance. This will save a lot of unnecessary searching when you are arrive and help you to settle in a lot easier.

Accommodation expectations

You may have an ideal type of home in mind that you would like to move to but it just might not be available or perhaps within your budget. Managing you housing expectations in advance through planning, research and taking advice from an impartial source will all be helpful in making sure you find a new home you will love.

Transportation issues

Look into the transportation available in advance. You may be moving to an area that does not have easy access to public transport meaning you will need to drive everywhere. Make sure you are happy with the modes of transport available in your new location.

In addition to shipping your items Crown can also provide support when you arrive through our settling in services. Helping to make sure your relocation is as smooth as possible.