Relocating for work: things to consider

If you have been approached by your company about a possible relocation abroad, congratulations! This is going to be a very exciting and daunting time for you and your family. We've looked at some helpful tips to help you make your decision.

Take your time in deciding

Firstly, being approached for a new position is a sign that your company values your role and wants to help you progress. However, no matter their intentions, you have to consider whether this will be the right move for you or not. This is especially important if you are not moving alone but with a family or partner.

Talk this through with your partner to make sure you are both going to be happy with the move. Discuss it with your children as well, answering any questions they may have. 

Speak to your company

If you are happy and excited to move and progress within your company, find out how much they will be willing to help you with your move. There are many ways that your company can support you before, during and after your move. Speak to your manager and find out what your company can offer you.

Hear from those who've done it

Finally, check out the experiences of people that have taken the plunge and moved abroad before, like Paul van der Logt, who moved with Crown from the Netherlands to India. Read his story here. Relocation supportYour company may be giving you an allowance to arrange your own relocation. Crown Relocations will be able to offer you valuable support such as cultural training. We can also support your partner, help you find the right schools for your children and the right home for your family, as well as many other great things to help ease you into your new life.If you would like to find out more about the additional services that Crown Relocations can provide while you settle into your new job abroad, click here.

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