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Rowena Krall, move manager for Crown Relocations - San Francisco, became a citizen of the United States last year. We asked her, “What about American culture stands out to you?” Please see her top 5 answers below:

Learning to become independent  

Children are raised to be responsible and independent adults. They are trained early to do household chores and look after themselves, so they are ready to make it on their own. At the age of 16, they are allowed to drive and find a job to pay their bills.    

Direct and assertive

The manner of speaking is direct, and can be interpreted as rude to people from another culture. Americans encourage you to speak up, express yourself and work out your differences face to face.   

Promote good health habits and exercise in schools and communities  

Although there are an abundance of fast food restaurants options, many Americans are health conscious. They check food labels and restaurant menus, particularly in California, because they indicate calorie count and nutritional content. Americans encourage yearly visits to the Doctor and Dentist.   

Americans respect traffic laws 

Drivers show respect to other drivers, motorcyclists, bicycle riders and pedestrians. They only use the horn to warn people if they are driving recklessly or if there is some sort of danger. They are also aware that traffic violations may result in accidents or expensive tickets if caught by police officers. 

Americans accommodate the handicapped

The government supports and encourages the physically and mentally handicapped to become self-reliant citizens. In fact, there is the law entitled “The Americans with Disabilities Act” or “ADA.” There are designated parking slots, elevators and ramps everywhere. Restaurants, shopping malls, office buildings, restrooms, movie theaters, airports, train stations and other public transportation systems are all to be accessible to the handicapped.

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