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As an expat, one of the first concerns that you might have is how your social life is going to change when you arrive at your destination. Will you make new contacts easily? Will the people hang out in the same way that you are used to? Will you have to engage in certain activities that you are unfamiliar to establish a new social circle?

Socializing in a new country might be a little bit daunting at the beginning, however, the rise of digital apps can ease this task – and even allow you to have connections before you land to your new country! Let’s review some of them!



HiNative is an app mainly focused on learning languages from native speakers. But don’t underestimate its social potential! HiNative also allows you to interact with people in your destination. From tips about local customs to the best places to go for a bike trip on the weekend, ask the local people any doubts that you might have… and start building some local connections!


Excuses to meet

When we have just arrived in a new city, we are just waiting for opportunities to meet and socialize. Many times, we even might come up with excuses to meet and interact with people. And this is the origin of the name of this app, Excuses to meet allows to identify your common “excuses” to meet with other people in your area such as “going to the cinema”, “going for lunch” or “having a picnic” and connects you with other people “thinking about the same excuse than you”. 


Hey Vina

Expat women might be looking for socializing options only targeting toother female. Then Hey Vina is the app they are looking for! With a style similar to Tinder, Hey Vina allows you to connect with like-minded women in your area according to your interests, profession or personality. If you are not interested in meeting one person, just swipe to the next profile, if you like it, just say “hey”. 


Socializing as an expat

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