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If you are preparing to say good-bye to the Czech Republic, there are a few simple things to do before you leave that can save you a lot of time and unnecessary costs and stress. Important things to do before leaving Czech Republic

Five months before moving

Contact your local government office and de-register. If you don’t contact the authorities before you move then you are likely to continue to be billed for local and national taxes. In the same way, compile a list of the people, companies and services you need to contact before you go.

Inform your landlord about your plans well in advance or if you own a house and intend to sell it start the process at least six months before your departure date.

Get in contact your telephone company and arrange to have your phone disconnected by the time you leave and cancel your contract with your internet provider.

Fix a cancellation date for the electricity, water and gas and contact any television, digital  or cable television providers to cancel the service.

If you have children, you will need to notify the school or kindergarten that you are moving at least 5 months in advance. Before thinking about relocating your pet, you will need to contact your vet to find out if you are permitted to take them to your new location and to ensure you are following quarantine requirements.

Two months before leaving

You should notify your doctor and request any records or healthcare items that you might need to go to your new country.

Insurance, including private health insurance, car insurance, house insurance and any other insurance you pay for will need to be cancelled. The insurance company could continue billing you or just take the money directly from your account if you signed a direct debit and failed to inform them.

Your bank will need to be notified and depending on where you are moving to you may have to deactivate and close your account. You should think carefully about when to close your account as your last wages may come in after you leave as will any outstanding bills.

Although contacting a long list of companies can be a hassle, it’s better to confirm and double check everything is cancelled before you leave rather then returning for a visit and being met with surprise bills.

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