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 As from 1st January 2016, all Foreign Nationals are required to convert their Driving Licence into a Turkish Driving Licence within a  maximum of 6 months of entering Turkey. New regulation: Compulsory Conversion to a Turkish Driving Licence for Foreign Nationals

Your International Driving Licence is valid for the first 6 months provided that you keep a translated and notarised copy together with the original licence with you at all times.

Key points:

  • Foreign Nationals will receive an equivalent category of Turkish Driving License.
  • The Traffic Registration office will not retain your current International Driving Licence. (NB: This could be subject to change. The original process was that your Driving Licence would be sent to your Consulate and returned to you when you left the country)

Converting your Driving Licence: Crown’s Fast lane Service

Crown Relocations Istanbul understands that, especially for a non-Turkish speaker, even preparing the required documents is a  job in itself.

With Crown’s Fast Lane service, we will prepare all the required documents and complete the process at the Traffic Registration Office on your behalf. You will only need to come to the Traffic Registration Office to collect your Turkish Driving Licence.

Crown’s service includes:

  • Translating and notarising your driving licence
  • Obtaining a Drivers’ Health Report
  • Completing the application process at the Traffic Registration office
  • Accompanying you to collect your Driving Licence at the Traffic Registration office

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