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Relocating overseas is a big and a stressful project, from packing your belongings and even selling or renting your home, to start a new life. It can also be an expensive procedure. Here are some tips for saving money when relocating from Poland. Top tips for saving money when relocating overseas from Poland

Explore your local area Local people have the best understanding of their city, along with invaluable money saving tips. Set about familiarising yourself with your new environment at the earliest opportunity. From discovering the best local food markets to finding reasonable shops, bars and restaurants, getting to know your local area can help to cut costs in the long run.

Create a budget. Begin a new life in a new country can be a costly process, in fact it has been said that the first year in a new location is the most expensive. A simple way to rationalize your spending is to prepare a budget, and then stick to it. Factor in allowances for exploring your local area and socialising as well as household expenses and food bills. Keeping track of your outgoings will help you to make savings if necessary.

Consider your new location Although property prices may be most affordable outside of the city centre, be realistic about the practicalities of setting up your new home. If you are looking to develop an active social life, the cost of regular taxis or public transport to the city centre may actually be superior than the money you save on living further out.

Pay your debts in Poland before you leave. Paying off any debts and tying up loose ends before relocating abroad is highly advisable. Not only does this allow you to begin life in your new home without any financial worries, but it reduces the risk of currency fluctuations increasing the cost of unresolved debts. Paying off credit cards and personal loans is a good idea.


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