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A common difficulty faced by those moving to the United States is fully grasping just how different its 50 states are. Each state holds its own cultural boarders with varying aspects like; ethnic differences, climates, environment and nature of the U.S. government (states are very autonomous in deciding their own policy).

We have put together a short guide for those looking to move to the U.S. Exploring the different aspects which make up the second largest country in North America.


Working environment

Working environment varies depending on where you are based. In Arkansas, offices usually insist on what’s called a “looser schedule,” involving more chit-chat and smiles. There is also a more casual approach to dress codes and time management. This could be appealing to you if you enjoy a flexible schedule, with a less pressured working environment.

If you appreciate an environment where you can completely focus on your work, Boston is the polar opposite. The workplace is significantly more formal. Given the frenetic pace of life, time management means more to the people in Boston. Whereas in Arkansas coworkers are considered as family.

Relaxed and creative

Those living in west coast states, Washington, Oregon and California are generally considered to be less outgoing, and more likely to be comfortable working by themselves. More open minded than others, people living on the west coast have more acceptance to cultural diversity and alternative lifestyles. This part of the country is richer, has more residents with college degrees, and is more innovative than other areas. These states cast fewer votes for conservative presidential candidates and are less religious, compared with others. This is a good area for you to go to if you have ambitions to be in a creative orientated industry, like art, advertising, acting and many others.

Friendly and Conventional

South Dakota, Nebraska and Iowa, known as the “red” states. People here ranked highly in levels of extraversion and are very low in openness. These regions tend to be “sociable, considerate, dutiful, and traditional” according to Business Insight. They are predominantly white and comparatively less wealthy, and tend to be more religious and politically conservative than people outside of the region.  This part of the U.S. is good for those looking to raise large families in a community atmosphere.

Temperamental and Uninhibited

The third and final grouping comprises of mid-Atlantic and Northeast states like Maine, Pennsylvania, and New York. People here, are described, perhaps negatively sometimes, as reserved, aloof, impulsive, irritable, and nosey. They are politically liberal and less religious and are disproportionately college-educated individuals.

Many states in the U.S. are extremely different with regards to behavior types. Wrapping your head around it could take some time and adapting to these different cultures could be a difficult process. But don’t worry, in a lot of states mentioned, you are encouraged to be yourself. You’re not expected to know everything.

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