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Relocating is not a decision taken on the spur of the moment. It actually takes time to evaluate the pros and cons of a destination and how moving and settling in another country will impact you and your beloved ones. 
Due to its distance from Europe, Australia is one of the countries which generates more doubts on whether or not is a good relocation choice. However, don’t get intimidated for this as Australia is a country of opportunities! 
Just check some of the advantages of living in “down under”! 
1. Increasing your income
Working conditions and income are two of the main factors to consider in a relocation, and Australia will not disappoint you on that. According to OECD Better Life Index, Australians rank 5th among the OECD population regarding their net disposable income. Moreover, Australia was the first country in the world to have the 40 hour work week… so you should not expect bad working conditions at all!
2. Getting away from pollution
With an estimated population of 24 million citizens and a surface of 7,692,024 km2, you can understand why air pollution levels are extremely low, being one of the countries with the lowest air pollution. 
3. Traveling to unimaginable destinations
In such a big country, there are plenty of landscapes to explore.  With hundreds of unspoiled beaches, deserts, tropical rainforests and even snowy mountains, travelling seems a must and it is something you should definitely do during your expatriate time there.
4. Living in a melting pot
Australia is a multicultural society, with around 28% of the population being born in another country. This is a good advantage for newcomers as it means that you are likely to find a welcoming and supporting environment. And which nationalities are you likely to find? British, New Zealanders and Chinese are in the top three!
5. Enjoying an almost perfect weather
If you are not a friend of the cold environments, Australia should be in your relocation list. With temperate temperatures and a mild weather all the year round, don’t expect to wear winter coats, but T-shirts and shorts!
6. Friendly citizens
When searching information about Australia, one of the first things that comes up is that Australia is an easy-going and friendly nation… and it is completely true. Starting a conversation in the bus stop or wishing a nice day to strangers is not something unusual in the country. Australians have a more casual style and a laid-back approach to life…but remember this doesn’t allow you to be lazy! 
Why relocating to Australia is a good investment

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