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When we have to move, one of the hardest decisions to make is what things we take with us and what things we leave behind. After having for lived years in one place, one needs to prioritise the items to take. And this is extremely important for far-away destinations, such as Australia. 

A common mistake when relocating to Australia – partially because too frequently we end up thinking that packing our clothes can be done in a few minutes – is packing either too many clothes or packing unnecessary clothes. Therefore, we have collected a list of the top fashion items you should not bring to Australia.

UGG Boots

Do you know the brand UGG? It is famous for its boots, which you can find in all high-street stores, from big worldwide cities from San Francisco to…. Australia, where they actually originate from. If you have teenagers, your sons and daughters may be asking for them. 

Despite its current popularity, these boots were traditionally worn for Australian years by surfers to keep their feet warm on the Australian beaches! 

Chelsea Boots

Apart from the UGGS Boots, which are mainly used as indoor boots, another international brand with Australian roots is R.M. Williams, famous for its unisex leather Chelsea boots. 

So if you are running out of space in your suitcase, forget happily about your boots, you will have time to buy a pair of Australian ones once you have settled in! 

Winter clothes

We cannot end this fashion summary without considering winter clothes. Why? Because Australia is a hot country!

During the summer you will likely find average temperatures of around 25 degrees in the major cities. During the winter, meanwhile, the lows are likely to not fall below five to seven degrees.

So, which clothes should you take with you? If you are relocating to the north of Australia, definitely not winter clothing!

Here's what not to take if you're moving to Australia.

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