Relocating to be with your partner: tips on settling in

So you’ve decided on relocating to be with your partner in a foreign country. So far so good! But what happens when you’re actually there? How do you adapt to an unfamiliar country and ensure you settle in well?

Well we’ve compiled a few useful tips on settling in with ease:

Carve your own path

Yes, you moved to be with your partner but you also have your own experiences to make. Whether you are on a visa that lets you work along with your spouse or not there are plenty of things you can do to during your international adventure. 

Here are a few suggestions to get you started:

  • Volunteering – find a local cause to support. This could also be a great way to meet likeminded people with in your area.
  • Join a local expat groups – if you’re after a community with a lot of shared experience this may be the one for you! 
  • Pick a new hobby or rediscover an old one – the main thing here is to fill your time doing things that you enjoy
  • Start a blog – this can be a great way to document your time abroad and journal all the great things you experience. Family and friends are also sure to enjoy following along as well as those planning their own international moves and are looking for advice. 

Embrace the new culture

Whether English is spoken fluently in your new country or not, learning a few phrases ahead of time is always appreciated! Be aware of local customs and traditions. Your partner should be able to help you here but you’ll also find a lot of great online resources as you prepare for your move of things to be aware of. Respecting local customs will always go along way and will help you to settle in easier. 

Here are few suggestions to get you started:

  • Make a list of places you’d like to visit within your first month of arriving. The challenge will be how many you can fit into the first month! 
  • Ask in one of the expat groups you joined about their experiences moving to your new destination. Was there anything they wish they would have done differently? You’re sure to get some great advice and it will also be a great conversation starter as you connect with the local expat community. 

Get familiar with your new home

Moving to join your partner will likely mean you already have accommodation organised, or at least know what area you’d like to move to together based on their time there. If you can visit ahead of time, this would be a great time to familiarise yourself with the local area. Discover your local supermarket, pharmacy and transport links so you can easily navigate once you’ve moved in. If however, you are unable to visit ahead of time there are so many great resources online from blog articles to moving vlogs. 

Enjoy the journey

Sounds simple enough, but sometimes moving - especially to be with a partner - comes with a lot of pressure for things to simply fall into place. Try to manage the expectations of you and your partner, you’ll both need time to adjust to the new routine and for it to feel like your home too. Go easy on yourself about how quickly you’ll settle in and just celebrate the amazing decision you made to relocate and be with your partner!

If you are relocating to be with your partner and would like further advice click here