What types of schools do most expats in your city choose for their children?

The state of Hawaii offers public and private schools state-wide, including some of the finest universities in the Pacific region. When searching for schools, universities and general information about Hawaii's education system, check out the websites below.
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What are some examples of these schools?

Hawaii has 283 public schools serving approximately 183,000 students. There are 255 regular schools, 3 special schools, and 25 "New Century" public charter schools.
Hawaii's public schools are grouped into complexes consisting of a high school and all of the middle and elementary schools that feed into it. For administrative and support purposes, 2-4 complexes may be grouped together to form what is called a complex area. Think of it as a mini-district.

Public Charter Schools provide a public (versus private) alternative to regular public schools. The direction of each of these publicly funded schools is determined by its "board".

Community Schools (aka "Adult Ed") provide basic classes for adult literacy, high school degree programs, citizenship training, and English for Second Language Learners classes as well as non-academic "interest" courses.

If you are interested in information about Hawaii's private schools, the Hawaii Association of Independent Schools (HAIS) may be able to help you. HAIS is not affiliated with the Hawaii Department of Education.

Is there a lot of competition for spots in local schools?

If your child will be attending a public school, there is no competition. Public schools are zoned so they have to accept all children within the school zone in which you live. With private schools however, space availability varies. Generally, classes for younger children fill up first. Additionally, private schools have entrance requirements and waiting lists. If you plan to send your child to a private school, it is recommended that you apply as soon as you arrive in the area to guarantee a spot on the waiting list.
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Are pre-schools also widely available (for children approx. 2 to 5 years old)?

Yes, preschools are widely available. Most charge tuition, however. Waiting lists can be long; hence, you should apply as early as possible, upon arrival.
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How are most kids transported to and from school?

Most schools operate school bus transportation. If not, most parents either take their children to school themselves or form carpools with other parents.
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When does the typical school year start and end?

Hawaii offers different options. Some traditional schools operate from August (or early September) through June. Other schools attend year round with nine weeks on and three weeks off. It is advised you contact the school that your child will be attending to get their exact schedule.
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Is there anything else I should know about local schools?

Should you need further information on local schools, contact Crown Hawaii.
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