Step-by-step guide to move abroad in 2018

Have you renewed your passport? Are your qualifications recognized? Don’t leave anything to the chance and start on a good foot your international move!

The number of things one needs to organize before moving abroad can be overwhelming (sorting out visas, canceling contracts, finding accommodation..). What it’s worse is that not doing a certain step at the right time might end up with a delay in your departure.

If you just know that you would like to move abroad, but haven’t started yet to think about the when and how, it’s time to bring some order to your international move!

12 months before: Preparation and budgeting

After taking the decision to stay in another country, one needs to start paying attention to the requirements:

  • Are there any important deadlines or processing timing you should be aware of (i.e. visas, qualifications recognition…)?
  • Do you need a proof of language skills?

Living costs and your available income while you are abroad are also things to look at. Depending on the purpose of your stay overseas, you might be able to receive grants, scholarships or social benefits, either from your home or destination country:

  • How high are the living costs in your destination country?
  • Will you able to continue with your current lifestyle?
  • Are you eligible for any scholarship or social benefit? When should you apply for it?

6 months before: Organization – part 1

Around half a year before your planned departure date, it’s time to start with the practicalities!

  • Do I need to apply for a visa?
  • Should I renew my passport?
  • Am I going to take my pet with me? If so, what should I be aware of?
  • Do I need to take a health insurance? Shall I do any medical examination before I move? Do I need any vaccine?

3 months before: Organization – part 2

  • Where am I going to live (type of accommodation, city area…)?
  • Should I cancel any contract (phone, internet,  utilities…)?
  • Do I need to inform my bank about the move?
  • Are the (flight/train/bus..) tickets booked?
  • How many things should I take? Is it worth to contact a relocation company?

1 month before: Farewells and luggage

Make sure you meet everyone before moving – make a list if necessary- and prepare your luggage with time, so you don’t forget anything.

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