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Staying inside the law

Keeping track of status changes

Immigration Country Briefs

Business Visitor FAQs


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Smoothing the way between borders

Crown takes care of your people as well as all the intricate details.

It takes a diligent partner to track changes to international immigration laws and to keep an eye on your assignees’ changes of status.

Staying inside the law when you’re outside the country

With on-the-ground knowledge, Crown makes immigration rules more understandable, guiding your employees and their families through what might otherwise be a confusing process—delivering faster as well as compliant results.

We take on all the complex tasks: processing entry visas; assisting with documentation for work and residence permits, including apostilles, legalizations and translations; and completing and submitting layers of immigration. Crown professionals, experts in the local bureaucratic requirements, accelerate and simplify the process.

The bigger the mobile workforce the more complex the immigration task, and the greater the likelihood that changes to status may expose the business to liability.

Keeping track of status changes

Changes in employment status, employment contract extensions, marital status, births or other family developments are an integral part of compliance management. We conduct frequent audits with your assignment population to ensure that the details of such changes are captured and appropriate measures are taken. We also accompany assignees and their families to local immigration services where possible, such as town hall registrations and applications.

Immigration Country Briefs

Be prepared by understanding the immigration requirements related to business visitors and employment authorization in the country the visitor is traveling to. We’ve made it simple by preparing Immigration Country Briefs for countries around the world, offering all the information that’s required.

Download Immigration Country Briefs

Business Visitor FAQs

Remaining compliant of immigration laws is essential when traveling to any country. The purpose of travel, duration of stay and citizenship will determine if and what type of visa is required. We’ve created easy-to-read FAQS that offers information about business visitor requirements for countries around the world.

Download the FAQs

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