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The big day has arrived. You are moving to a new country and, of course, your pet is coming with you! But, how are you handling this potentially stressful moment?

In our last article about this pet relocation series, we have asked our relocations experts to provide us with the best tips for the move and for a successful adjustment into the new country. 


1. The day of the move


If possible, avoid that your pet is at home when the relocation transport comes. Having to meet unknown people moving around its “own territory” can be stressful for your furry friend. 


Why not asking a friend or relative to take care of him that day? Or why not hiring a dog-sitter who might take him for a stroll around the city?


Either same day or most likely a few days later, the day of the trip will arrive Try to leave his favorite toy inside the traveling crate and one of your clothes – for example, the pyjamas of the night before with your own natural scent, no perfumes or lotions-. This will help him be more relaxed during the journey and miss you a bit less! 


Last but not least, remember that the check-in for your pet normally is 4 hours before the flight, and not 2!


2. The arrival in the new country 


At your pets airport arrival and depending on the destination, your pet might have to wait for a while, for example, if quarantine is required or just if the flight lands out of working hours. In the latter case,  your pet cannot be cleared that evening and he might have to stay overnight at the airport. Check with the chosen pet transport specialist the details and solutions for your particular case. 


3. In the new house


Before your pet arrives in your new home, you should start working on his arrival. Furnish the house and think about where his “bedroom” will be. Search for a comfortable and warm place, from where the family conversations can be heard. This is important, especially at the beginning, when he might feel insecure in the new environment. Avoid changing his bed or house and try not to clean his objects before or after the relocation to keep the familiar smells. 


Another good tip is to hide his favorite objects around the house. Like this, when your pet arrives, he can start exploring the new surroundings and search for his favorite toys. Like this, his first experience in the new environment will be extremely positive.


However, the settling in process is not over. It will still take some time until your pet is familiar with the new environment. Here some tips to bear in mind during the first weeks:


- Let your pet explore the new house

- Set some rules, so he knows where he can and he cannot be

- Let your pet explore the neighborhood little by little, keep the same paths at the beginning so he can become familiar with them. 

The most important thing is to re-establish a daily routine as soon as possible, as it is the key to your pet's adjustment!


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