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Are you concerned about your pet's relocation to your new country? After having talked about the planning required, in this new article of our pet relocation series, we would like to guide you through the preparations your pets need for a comfortable and relaxed relocation to your new home. Follow our expert advice and start preparing your loyal friends for the big day!

1. Talk with the experts

Moving your pets from country to country involves some health examinations, having an up-to-date pet passport and other important check-ups. It is essential to check with a professional what needs to be done and the deadlines for doing it – for instance, some vaccines need to be administered some days before the flight. At Crown Relocations, we are happy to advice you with these questions and practicalities.

2. Time to get ready

The best way to prepare your pets for the move is to maintain the usual daily routine at the same time that you introduce some minor changes in their lifestyle.

- In the case of dogs, keep the daily walks, and try –more than ever- not to delay them.

- Familiarise your furry friends with the crate which will be used for the journey. 

o First, leave the crate in a familiar place for them. You can leave one of their favourite toys inside so they might be more tempted to get inside and explore.

o After that, try to feed them from the crate. 

o When your pet is comfortable with being fed from the crate he will travel in, you can try to keep him inside for short periods of time, praising him after that.

The Crate

Before purchasing a kennel for the journey, it is important that your pet is measured correctly. He  should have enough space to stand without the ears touching the roof and space to lie comfortably.

Note that not all the kennels are good for travelling. According to IPATA:

They should be well-aired from all sides

They should be built with a resistant material

The doors should close correctly without the option that the animal can open it from inside


These are important steps you need to take when planning your pet's move. We will be back with a guide about the moving day and settling in at your new destination. Make sure to read our articles for an easy relocation! 


You can read about our Pet relocations service or fill out our moving quote to get in touch with our team! Let us help you move your world!

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