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Are you moving abroad soon? You are probably asking yourself a lot of questions. You are not sure how to handle the changing surroundings or how to adjust to a new environment. If you feel a bit insecure, uncomfortable or unsettled, just imagine that your pets are going through the same. They have to leave home, embark on a long distance journey and settle in an unfamiliar place without understanding what's really happening. All they know and feel is that you are stressed and this can make them really anxious. 

There is a way you can help them feel more confortable and settle in easier in their new home. With the support of our pet moving experts, we have developed a step-by-step guide to make your move abroad with your furry friends, if not 100% stress-free, much more comfortable not only for you but more importantly, for them! 

1. Start planning the move as soon as possible

Medical checks, crates, passports, pet transportation companies… relocating with your pets needs a lot of preparation, therefore, it is important that you start making all the arrangements early enough. 

For long distances, air transport is the best solution and IPATA– International Pet and Animals Association – members are the best choice to ensure that your pet is transported safely to your new home.

Specialised moving companies like Crown Relocations can provide a broad list of services, taking care of your beloved family members before, during and after the move. 

Some common services are:

- Pet transport advice

- Handling of pet documentation (passport, customs…) 

- Custom-made crate 

2. Booking your flights - for your pet and for you!

Most pet owners prefer to travel in the same flight as their pets. While this is possible, animal seats on flights are limited and therefore, preparing in advance is essential. Let your pet specialist know your preferred flight dates, airlines and any other important details to consider for the booking. They will try to accommodate to your preferences. 

Bear in mind that direct flights are better for your pet as the departure and the landing are the parts more uncomfortable for them.  As your pet’s flight choices are much more limited that your flight choices it's always a good idea to wait to book your flight until your pet’s flight is confirmed. Keep in mind that rules and regulations may also vary by airline. In most cases, if you pay an extra fee, smaller cats or dogs can travel with you in a small crate. Larger pets can fly in the cargo area, where you have more limitations. Make sure the kennel your pet will be travelling in adheres to all regulations.  

If for any reason, you will not travel on the same dates as your pet, accommodation for him can be arranged close to the airport. These accommodations are supervised by specialised staff who provide food, any necessary medications and any other attention your pet might need before the flight.

These are two important steps you need to take when planning your pet's move. We will be back with a guide about the moving day and settling in at your new destination. Make sure to read our articles for an easy relocation! 

You can read about our Pet relocations service or fill out our moving quote to get in touch with our team! Let us help you move your world!


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