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In late 2018, Syd and Berina Gilani made the decision to repatriate back to New Zealand and end their Dubai adventure. We caught up with them to find out more about their moving story.

What made you choose Crown Relocations?

Nevine Hussein, the Senior Relocations Consultant who conducted our home survey immediately put us at ease. Professional, efficient and good at answering all of our questions. It was an easy decision in the end choosing Crown knowing we would have strong support from Nevine and her colleagues along the way. This was confirmed when we received emails from Dave Tozer, Regional Manager of the Dunedin office in New Zealand assuring us that shipping our goods would be an equally smooth process when we reached our destination. He offered his personal involvement in our case which put our minds at ease.

Crown’s unique end to end service really is above and beyond. Crown staff working together in Dubai and New Zealand to make sure our items were taken care of from origin to destination was a massive stress reliever.

Was there anything worrying you before the big move?Across the dessert: one family's move from Dubai to Beirut

Part of our relocation agreement for reimbursement with my company was that the invoice was written in a certain way. The stipulation did cause us concern as we were worried our request would be seen as difficult but it was a very important step for us to proceed. Nevine however was able to provide a solution.

We cannot tell you how grateful we were to have someone on the other side who understood our problems and tried to make things as easy as possible for us. Given that we were still working and stressed with the upcoming move, it made it much easier having someone from a relocation company who understood what we were going through.

How did moving day go?

In total, packing took four days and a team of five; Rey, Ramon, Albon and Eugene to pack up our items. On the first day, I briefed everything room by room to Rey and the team. Everyone was very attentive and good at listening to our requirements. They were always very courteous, kind, professional and worked really hard. We were so worried about the packing and to be honest, out of our whole relocation experience, this was the best and easiest four days we had!

Was it an easy journey back to New Zealand?

First we had an eight hour flight to Singapore plus a long stopover. We went out of Changi airport to check-into a hotel for a shower and a nap and later that evening, we were back at Changi to board a flight for another 10.5 hours to Christchurch. In Christchurch, we rested for two nights and then began our long 6-hour drive down to Dunedin.

What was the support like your received on arrival?

When we arrived in New Zealand we met Dave Tozer, Regional Manager at Crown for the area. We had previously been emailing when we were still back at origin so it was great to put a face to the name.

Dave printed out our list of household items so that we could write comments next to each in reference where we wanted them in our new home. We also made a map of our garage and divided it into sections and next to each item, we wrote which section of the garage we wanted each to be placed. Dave also recommended us to write HM next to each item which required the assistance of a handyman.

Did you have any special requests?

We asked if we could be there when our container was opened. Crown Relocations honoured this request and we were able to open at container at the Crown offices.

Words cannot express how happy we were to see the container, just the way we left it.

Our container was delivered to us the very next day, along with another excellent crew to help unpack. As the crew unloaded the items, we noticed that additional comments had been added to each box in reference to our preferred location from our meeting with Dave. Everything was offloaded and placed in the exactly desired location without fuss. Simply wonderful and really good teamwork. We even had a bunch of empty cartons and junk at the back of the garden, which the crew noticed and offered to take that away for us as well.

The whole offloading of our forty foot container took less than 2 hours. By 10 am, everything was in its place. We could not believe our eyes!

As the day came to a close, we checked everything around the house. We were worried about damage to the property and scratches on our door and on our newly installed marble hearth and log burner. But everything was spotless. Not a scratch on our property! All boxes were carefully handled and all rubbish was carefully removed.

As soon as the off-loading was done Steve, aka the handyman, popped in to help us put everything together.

Both Steve and Brandon who lead the crew were very helpful in putting all the furniture in the exact place where we required them. The crew also set up our shelving for the many metal cabinets we placed around the garage. All we had to do was mention once how we required it and after that, everything was done perfectly.

Final thoughts

Finally, we are back home. It still hasn’t hit us that this isn’t one big holiday before heading back to Dubai.

Thank you so very much from the bottom of our hearts, for making leaving Dubai easier and less-stressful! We certainly have no regrets in choosing Crown, and we would highly recommend Crown to all of our Kiwi mates who are in the process of repatriating back home to New Zealand.

Dubai to New Zealand: The long journey back home

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