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In our latest Perspective entitled “2015 Global Mobility trends” we have reflected that Africa is one of the places where global business is growing.Relocating to Kenya It is also where more international assignees are headed due to the skill shortages in local populations, a desire for corporate-culture assurance and the specialized talent needed to start up, acquire or integrate a business unit. And one of the main places for these Relocations will be Kenya.

However, if you are assigned to Kenya, you should take into consideration some important rules regarding the immigration process and requirements to work in the country.

First of all if you are going to work here you will need to have the valid work permit which takes around 10-12 weeks these days. In case of an urgent allowance to work in Kenya, it exists the possibility to apply through a special pass which has only a 3 months of validity.

Although, a non-working family member of an expat would need the dependent pass, which will enable them to stay in Kenya for the time of the work permit’s validity.

Similarly, students would need the pupil pass/student pass to seek an admission in any school, or institutions.

If you are planning to move to Kenya, let our Crown’s immigration experts help you get the answers you need. Our staff in Kenya will help you get there smoothly and with genuine peace of mind.

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