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The essential tool to move out of the country without a headache 

And the day you realize your expat period is coming to an end has arrived. Now it’s time to start thinking about your new life chapter – and of course, about sorting out how to move out of the UAE.

Preparing the departure can take some time as it literally means “switching off” your life in the country: leaving your home, canceling contracts, sorting out any outstanding payments… Thus, the old advice of “preparing yourself with enough time” is more suitable than ever. 

To help you on this task, we have prepared “The Moving Out Checklist”. We hope it will help to plan the next steps and answer some of your questions – and for the unanswered ones, you just need to contact us!



When you have an estimated departure date (i.e. August 2019), it’s time to start reviewing your tenancy contract :

  • When does the contract end?
  • Is there a notice period?
  • Should you ask the landlord for a shorter contract extension?
  • Is there any clause referring to early termination?
  • If early termination is considered in the tenancy contract, which are the conditions (i.e. paying three months’ rent)? Can you fulfill these conditions or would it be better to try to postpone your departure until the end of the contract?

If you have to leave before your contract finishes, another option is to find a new tenant who will take your current lease. Usually, this involves changing the contract to the new tenant’s name, however, landlords are normally ok with this change – at the end, they will continue receiving a monthly rent for the property. 

As the moving day is approaching, make sure you are aware how the house or apartment should be handed off. Remember that you should receive your security deposit back if you are handing back the house on the agreed terms and conditions. 

Once you have moved out, make sure you have all your rent checks and that your contract has been removed from Ejari– the tenancy registration system. 


With a rough moving date in mind, start searching market prices. 

Around three months before your move, it’s the moment to start selling it. It isn’t a good idea to postpone it more as it takes around six weeks to finalize all the administrative work (clear the mortgage, blocking the property with the Land Department, having a no-objection certificate…). 


The main utilities to disconnect are water, electricity, phone, and internet. 

Water and electricity should be disconnected by DEWA. You can submit your request for the final bill online or at DEWA’s offices. Then, once you have received your last bill, you can go to a DEWA office to pay it and pick up your deposit. 

For the phone and internet, you should just go to a DU or Etisalat office with the required documents for the cancelation (contract and Emirates ID) and the equipment originally given to you. 


Have you found this article useful? Then stay tuned, as next month we will continue our checklist talking about the dilemma: second-hand market sale or international shipment?

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