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If you are moving out of the UAE soon, you must be ready to invest some time – and perhaps patience- in your relocation preparations. From choosing an international moving company to canceling utilities, the number of things to do can be overwhelming. This is why we have created our “leaving the UAE checklist” series!

On this month’s article, we focus on employment, money, and taxes


No matter if you have decided to quit earlier or your contract finishes soon, it’s extremely important that you are aware of all the steps that either you or your employer should do before you can move abroad. Otherwise, you are at risk of being denied the exit from the country.

Here the most important necessary things to take into account:

1. Check your contract end date and if applicable, the notice period required if you finish your contract earlier.

Try to find this out as soon as possible, so you can inform your employer in due time and avoid delays in your international relocation preparations. Remember, that your visa will be canceled by your employer, thus, ending the contractual relationship in good terms will ensure a smooth visa cancelation process.

2. Hand over your passport to your employer so your residence visa can be canceled – if this isn’t done, you are at risk of being considered as an “absconder” by UAE’s authorities. After the cancellation, you will have 30 days to leave the country.

3. Receive your last payout statement and payment. Notice that if there is any problem, your embassy won’t be able to help you. You should get in touch with the Ministry of Labour instead.

4. Return your medical cards to your employer, as your medical insurance will be canceled.


Taxation can be a complex topic, which depends on the local legislation in your home country and/or new destination. If you aren’t really familiar with it, the best is to contact an accounting expert in international taxation, which can assist you during the process.


Before closing a bank account in the UAE, make sure that you have not outstanding debts. You need to be aware that having outstanding debts is a criminal offense in the UAE. This means, that you can be arrest and even be sent to prison.
If you have debts, it’s highly likely that you won’t be able to leave the country, and if you manage, if you ever come back, you might be arrested – even if it’s for a transit.

Having said this, these are the steps to take into account to close bank accounts

1) Make sure you have paid all your debts and that no future payment needs to be done from the account.

2) Cancel any credit cards, loans, and overdrafts. For loans, it might take some time to cancel them. Avoid delaying it

3) Withdraw the remaining money from the account or transfer it overseas

4) Go to your bank branch and cancel the account – make sure you have your passport with you when canceling it.

5) Leave a forwarding address in case there is any future correspondence.


If you would like to learn more about leaving the UAE, don’t miss our next month’s article talking about changing schools and moving abroad with your pet, or directly contact one of our relocation consultants.

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