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Moving countries can be difficult, but with the leaving the UAE checklist you may find it easier. We’ve listed some of our top tips for you.

Accommodation (both the new and the old)

Start by seeing when your old contract finishes, it’s important to know when you need to move out by. You may find that you need an extension to your contract, this could be adjusted by speaking to your landlord. If you need to leave before your contract finishes, an option is to find a new tenant to take over your current lease. This usually involves changing the contract to the new tenants name. The final step will be to take your contract off of the Ejari – the tenancy registration system.

Moving your belongings

The next stage in our leaving the UAE checklist is to organise your belongings at least three months in advance. Here are some ideas on what to do with your belongings:


Putting some of your no-longer needed items up for sale could help with decluttering and possibly even go towards covering your move costs.


Giving away your items will help cut down on what you ship to your new home. With the added bonus of giving you a warm fuzzy feeling from helping others.


For bigger amounts of goods you may need to arrange international shipping to your new home country. You will need to make arrangements early so that the shipping dates suit your moving schedule. We offer a range of container options to suit all move types. One of our most popular is the Crown to Crown shared container service.

Shared container service

As part of our shared container service you will receive a premium Crown to Crown service at an extremely competitive price. Your belongings will also arrive faster thanks to our door to door transit times. To find out more and what routes are available click here.

High value items

If you’re worried about your precious collections or fragile items you’ll also be pleased to know we can support your move. To find out more about how we can securely ship your high value items click here.

New work and a new life

So you’ve got a new job lined up, but what about your old job? In our UAE checklist we show some of the things you need to complete before moving:


You will need to provide your company with a notice period before leaving the UAE. Finding this out beforehand is necessary and will help you calculate the right move and shipping dates for you.


The next stage is to give your employer your passport so that your residence visa can be cancelled. After this you will have 30 days to leave the country. This stage must be completed otherwise you could be at risk of being seen as “absconding”.


Step three requires you to receive your last pay out statement and payment. If any issues arise you will need to contact the Ministry of Labour as your embassy will not be able to help you with this.

Medical cards

The final part of this section is to make sure you return your medical cards to your employer, as your medical insurance will be cancelled.

Banking and taxes (the nitty-gritty)

Before you leave the UAE you’ll need to consider your financial situation and what to do next with your money. We’ve listed some tips on how to proceed when leaving the UAE:


To start the process of cancelling any banking arrangements you will need to make sure you pay off any debts and cancel any loans, credit cards, or overdrafts. This is important not to delay as it can be timely.


The next step will be to make sure you withdraw any money or transfer it to your new overseas location.


You will need to cancel any existing accounts that you have open.


The last section in the UAE checklist refers to utilities. Which of course means your electric, water, internet, and phone bills. These all need to be dealt with before you move.

Electricity and water

Water and electricity should be disconnected by DEWA . You can submit your request for the final bill online or at DEWA’s offices. Then, once you have received your last bill, you can go to a DEWA office to pay it and pick up your deposit.

Phone and internet

For your phones and internet bills you will need to go to a DU or Etisalat office with the correct documents for cancellation. These documents will be your contract and your Emirates ID. You will also be required to return the original equipment given to you.

We hope you found our leaving the UAE checklist useful!

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