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What should you know before leaving the UAE? From international movers to taxes advice, we tell you everything you should know for a successful relocation

Is unrolling your child from an international UAE’s school easy? Will you get a certificate for your next school? And how can you prepare a safe relocation for your pet? In this last article about the “leaving the UAE checklist series”, we explain you everything about it.


- The Student Leaving Certificate

The most important step to do when preparing your moving out of Dubai is to apply for a “Student Leaving Certificate”. This certificate proves the years of study in the school in Dubai and confirms that you are leaving according to a standardized process and not due to other administrative issues (i.e. unpaid fees).

To obtain this certificate, you should directly contact your school. The certificate isn’t free of charge, however, it includes the attestation of the local authorities, which you will need to enroll your child in another school abroad.

- Leaving notice

The usual leaving notice required by the schools is one term. It’s also possible to leave earlier, but in that case, you will have to pay a term fee. The best is to clarify the conditions with your child’s school, as there might be some differences from one to another one and some schools might be slightly more flexible with the deadlines.

- School search abroad

Start getting schooling information from your new country as soon as possible. Initially, the best might be to contact the education authorities from the area you are planning to move, to get some general information about the enrolment process and the different types of schools available in the area.

Normally, international and private schools are more flexible with the enrolment procedures that public schools, which stick to common and general regulations for all the students. Notice that until you don’t have an address in your new country, it might not be possible to enroll your child.

Moving abroad with your pets

Moving with your pets abroad can be a long process. To make sure that your pet can travel with you, or shortly before or after you, it’s better to check with enough time what needs to be done.

The preparations for moving abroad with your pet, included vet check-ups, traveling arrangements and maybe some paperwork with the authorities.

If you would like to learn more about organizing a move with your pets, check our article series: A five-star relocation for your pet


If you would like to learn more about leaving the UAE or you have any specific questions, please contact directly one of our relocation consultants. 

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