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Have you always dreamt about living Down Under and now you have the opportunity to relocate there? Are you an Australian citizen thinking about heading back home? No matter your motivation, we can help you decide whether or not an international move to Australia is the right choice for you.

Australia is a melting pot: one in four Australians weren’t born in the country. Almost half were born either overseas or have a parent who was born out of the country.  Surprised? You shouldn’t be. For decades, Australia has attracted citizens from all around the world and Australians who, after having moved overseas, cannot avoid heading back to their roots.

If you are thinking about moving to Australia, here some things to consider before contacting relocation companies in Dubai:

1. Lifestyle

“Friendly population and easy-going atmosphere” - this is how people who have lived in other world regions define life in Australia. Casual dressing is much more common than in the UAE and going out with flip-flops on isn’t unusual, especially if you are living next to the sea – where most of the population lives.

2. Quality of life

Australia is one of the countries with the highest standards of living and surprisingly, with the lowest crime rates. If safety is a priority for you, moving to Australia is a “safe” choice.

3. Weather

It’s hard to beat UAE’s temperatures, however, Australia seems to get really close to them. The exact weather conditions will depend on the area you are planning to move to, ranging from close to 0 degrees Celsius  - and some snow- if you are in Tasmania during the winter to around 30 all the year round if you are moving to Brisbane and the Golden Coast.

That said, the main urban areas, such as Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, and Perth have pleasant temperatures all the year round.

4. Employment

Australia is seeking to bring skilled professionals in the country. If you are working in the education, engineering, IT, finance or health sectors, your chances of finding a good job opportunity in the country are high (see the visa information below, if you aren’t an Australian citizen or permanent resident).

5. Transportation

It’s worth pointing out that Australia is one of the biggest countries on earth and distances between cities – and within cities- can be quite large. The public transport network is excellent in the biggest urban areas – Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra, Brisbane, etc.-, however, if you are planning to live in a remote area or to commute between cities, owning a car is still a must.

6. Cost of living

One of the drawbacks about Australia are the living costs, which are considerably higher than in the UAE. Some figures (from Numbeo) can go a long way to helping you decide if moving from the UAE to Australia will be worth your while financially.

Food and restaurants

  • Meal in an inexpensive restaurant: 51.24 AED in Australia (vs. 30AED in the UAE)
  • A regular cappuccino: 12.12 AED in Australia (vs. 16.55 AED in the UAE)
  • A 0.33l bottle of water: 7.41 AED (vs. 1.32 AED in the UAE)
  • 1 l of milk: 4.04 AED (vs. 5.70AED in the UAE)
  • 1 kg white rice: 7.57 AED (vs. 7.40 AED in the UAE)
  • 1 kg chicken breasts: 28.95 AED (vs. 23.29 AED in the UAE)
  • 1 kg apples: 11.55 AED (vs. 7.75 AED in the UAE)


  • One-way ticket (Local transport): 11.39 AED (vs. 5 AED in the UAE)
  • 1 l Gasoline: 3.84 AED (vs. 2.01 AED in the UAE)
  • Buying a new car (Volkswagen Golf or equivalent): 71,166 AED (vs. 75000 AED in the UAE)

Utilities and accommodation

  • Basic (electricity, heating, cooling, water…) for a 85m2 apartment: 569.71 AED (vs. 587.94 AED in the UAE).
  • Internet (unlimited data, cable/ADSL): 209.44 AED (vs. 369.99 in the UAE)
  • Renting a 3-bedrooms apartment in the city center: 7,767.22 AED (vs. 11,811.50 AED in the UAE)
  • Renting a 3-bedrooms apartment outside the city center: 5,425 AED (vs. 8,518.50 in the UAE)
  • Price per square meter, buying an apartment in the city center: 19669 AED (vs. 13587 AED in the UAE)
  • Price per square meter, buying an apartment in the outskirts 14075 AED (vs. 9427 AED in the UAE)

In addition to these figures, note that Sydney has higher prices than other cities such as Brisbane or Cairns.

Remember that at the time of planning your move, you should set aside some money for planning the move to Australia and for the first couple of months in the country – for example, you should count on giving a deposit when renting your accommodation.

Non-Australian citizens and non-permanent residents

Australia is known for having one of the toughest immigration systems. We strongly recommend you avoid making any booking for your international relocation before your visa is granted.

Permanent visa application takes on average around 5 months, but in certain circumstances, this period might be longer. If you are planning to apply for a working visa, be aware that a points system is in place, awarding points to a number of criteria such as length of work experience, qualifications, and English language knowledge.

You can find full information regarding the visas here. Even though you don’t have to use a migration agent, a lot of people moving to Australia choose to use an agent for preparing and applying for their visa.

Contact your UAE Crown Relocation office, if you would like to have more information about moving to Australia and Australian visas.

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