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You have already enjoyed your stay in Dubai, and you plan an international move from the United Arab Emirates to another international dream destination? If that is the case, you may want to check the results of the recent Expat Insider survey from Internations.

The well known social network and information portal for people who live and work abroad has recently conducted a survey among over 14000 expatriates worldwide: they asked for the preferred city where they would like to relocate to. The results: New York is ranked on top position, followed by the following top moving destinations: London, Barcelona, Sydney, San Francisco, Paris, Singapore, Dubai, Amsterdam and Rome.

To point out that about half of the 50 most popular expat cities are located in English-speaking countries. Further to the top ten cities New York City, London and Sydney, following English-speaking moving destinations have earned a high appreciation from expatriates: Melbourne (11), Vancouver (13), Los Angeles (14), Auckland (16),  Miami (17) being part of the top 20, and further cities such as Seattle, Boston, Dublin and Edinburgh.
The gender is also relevant for a preferred city to relocate to: Women give high scores to cities such as Rome (7), Berlin (9) and Cape Town (10), while these destinations did not appear in the men’s top ten. Male respondents consider rather following destinations attractive: Singapore (5), the emirate Dubai (7) and Vancouver (9).

And finally: age is also relevant: Expats from the older generation 50+ seem to prefer tropical destinations, giving high scores to cities such as Bangkok and Honolulu.

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