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Choosing moving companies, packing furniture, personal belongings restrictions… Organizing a move from the UAE to Australia might seem a tough job – only if you haven’t read this article!

If you have just decided to move from the UAE to Australia, you might have begun the search for shipping your belongings. In the beginning, this can seem a little bit overwhelming, especially because Australia has some restrictions on which items can be imported to the country. However, if you follow these tips, we can assure you that you will have a smooth relocation!

1. Decide what you will transport and the container space needed.

Before you start contacting international movers, it’s a good idea to already have a list of the items that you want to ship, at least a rough one. This way you will be in the position of receiving accurate moving quotes and better advice from the moving companies. In the end, you will have to decide anyway which items to take and which items to leave. The sooner you know it, the better, so you can speed up the relocation process.
Here some tips to consider when making your moving list:

- Electrical goods: Australia uses 230V power (50Hz), which means that you may require transformers and adaptors in order to use electrical goods. Depending on the value and weight of the items, it might be better to sell it in the UAE or give it to a friend instead of shipping it Down Under.

- Buying or shipping? Compare the cost of buying in Australia with the cost of shipping. The first thought is to pack all your belongings and ship them. It’s comfortable to be surrounded by “your things” when you move to a new home, not to say a new country. However, it’s always worth to double check if the cost of shipping them outweigh the benefits.

- Can I bring it into Australia? Australia has one of the most restrictive quarantines and import laws. For example, goods originated from an animal or plant or containing part of an animal or plant might not be able to enter the country. For more information on what you can take to Australia, you can check the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources page here.

- Where are you planning to live? Highly likely, you don’t have a home in Australia yet, but you might already have some ideas about what you want (house/apartment, number of bedrooms, square meters, etc.). Considering this, it’s valuable at the time of deciding what to ship, as, for example, if you are moving from a 100 square meters home in Dubai to a 50 square meters apartment in Sydney city center, the lack of space might make you opt for donating or selling some of your belongings in the UAE.

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2. Sending your belongings as unaccompanied personal effects (UPEs)

Personal effects such as clothes, footwear, furniture, appliances or books have to be cleared from customs control. Thus, you might be required to pay customs duty, goods and services tax (GST) or other taxes as well as filling and providing some documents and present an Unaccompanied Personal Effects statement. This statement can be presented in person or electronically, on your behalf, by a service provider, such as Crown Relocations.

3. Choosing a moving company

When you already know the things that you would like to ship to Australia is the moment to start contacting international moving companies to organize the shipment. Try to do so, with as much notice as possible, to make sure your belongings will be in your new home on your desired date. When receiving quotes for an international move, one needs to keep in mind that the cheapest one isn’t necessarily the best. Important things to consider are:

- The time that it will take to ship your belongings
- If the company offers door-to-door relocations (that is that they take care of everything, from packing your belongings in the UAE to unpacking them in Australia)
- The type of insurance coverage offered in case of damage
- If the company takes charge of the customs documentation (for example, regarding the UPEs mentioned above)
- How the belongings will be packed – remember that the packing in the UAE and the loading of your goods is the most important step in the international move
o Type of materials used
o If the packers are fully trained

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