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If you are moving abroad, it is time to organize everything you need: housing, birth certificates, accreditations… Have you thought about translations? 
During the relocation period, you might be required to submit documents for legal or academic purposes, normally translated into the local language. Which kind of translation do you need? What should you look for in a translation? How long does it take?
Crown Relocations gives you the most important facts to avoid getting “lost in translation”.
Certified translations
The first thing to check is which kind of translation you need, especially whether or not you require a certified translation.
A certified translation is the one with a certification stating that the translated document is faithful to the original one (the type of certification can vary from country to country). In many places, this needs to be done by sworn translators, who are normally appointed by the local authorities. However, it is also possible that in the country where you relocate do not exist officially sworn translators. In this case, the translation might need to be certified in front of a solicitor.
Common documents required to be translated

-Birth certificates

-Driving licences

-Educational qualifications

-Criminal records

As there are so many different documents to be translated, it is hard to give standard timings for a translation. However, some factors to consider are: 
 - Type of document:  Specialized documents take more time to be translated. 
- Format: The original format of the document (pdf, text, image…) will also have an impact on the time to be translated, as the translator will have to convert it into an editable format to work with. 

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