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Transformed from desert to global city, Dubai is home to a large expat community and just 15 per cent Emirati Nationals. Tips for your relocation in DubaiBeing one of the seven United Arab Emirates (UAE) Dubai has its own ruling family and affairs are managed locally. 

Following these tips may help you with your relocation here:

Organise a pre-visit

The purpose of a pre-visit is to experience the dynamics of the city and view sample properties, and schools, if applicable. Week days are best for a preview trip (avoid Friday to Saturdays and national holidays).


Taxis run on the meter keeping the cost affordable. During peak hours and the Driver’s shift change at 4:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m., it can be difficult to secure one. Public transport is clean and easy to use with a Nol Card which is valid on buses, metro and trams.

It is possible for you to drive with an international license while on a Visitor’s Visa. You can apply for a driving license conversion once you have a Residence Permit. The process is simple if your passport and your driving licence are from one of these countries


You should be mindful of Islamic values and respect them at all times, especially during Ramadan where you must not eat, drink or smoke in public. Being an Islamic country, the “call to prayer” is part of life here.

Be prepared for this when selecting a property.

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Properties may not be in the state you’d expect when viewing as professional cleaning and necessary decorating takes places once your lease is agreed. The Real Estate market in Dubai has a high demand for rental properties, those you see on your pre-visit will not be available on arrival, however, will give

you a good idea of what to expect. To refresh your memory, take some pictures while you’re visiting the properties. We recommend picking a selection of properties and be realistic, what are your “must

haves” versus your “bonus extras”. Have pets? If so, be sure to tell due to this will affect the options available to you.

Average costs of utilities and domestic help in Dubai

There are a number of variables that assignees assess when deciding where to live. These range from objective reasons such as budget or commuting constrains, to more subjective ones such as nearness to a driving range or a movie theatre.

Domestic help

You can easily find domestic help in Dubai, both full and part time. For you to employ a full time live-in maid you would need to be her sponsor and arrange for all visa issues, you’d be also responsible for her accommodation. Alternatively, there are many companies in Dubai that can provide part-time cleaners

and maids, on an hourly basis.

If you are planning to move to Dubai our team Crown Relocations Dubai would be happy to help you having a smooth Relocation.

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