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If you’re thinking of moving to the United States, then you’re not the only one with that thought in mind. 

Every year, thousands of people move to the land of hope and opportunity in a bid to fulfill their dreams and start a new life abroad.

So what makes the U.S. such a popular destination?

The vast size of the country means that no matter what you want from a city, you’re bound to find somewhere here to suit you. 

Whether it’s the non-stop lifestyle of New York, the glitz and glamour of Los Angeles, or even the chilled-out beaches of Hawaii, you really can’t beat the U.S. when it comes to having something for everyone.

If you’re lucky enough to have skills that are in demand or can transfer to the States through an existing job, then you’ll be at a distinct advantage; otherwise, staying long term may be a little tougher.

You’ll need to do some research to find out which city is going to be best for you, but chances are for every one that doesn’t tick the boxes, at least another three will.

Find out more about moving abroad

Continue exploring the site to find more detailed guides to all of the USA’s largest cities. These guides should help you to see some of the differences and begin to plan your move abroad—but be sure to do your own research, and seek the views of others who have been before.

Thinking of moving to Austin, Texas? You should!

Austin, TX

Austin, capital of the state of Texas, prides itself on being liberal and independent and above all, ‘different’ from the rest of Texas. Its recently...
Moving to Charlotte, North Carolina - Charlotte Skyline

Charlotte, NC

Charlotte, the biggest city in North Carolina, is a major US financial center. Second only to New York in terms of assets, the city is headquarters...
Moving to Chicago - Photo of Chicago Skyline

Chicago, IL

Chicago, the largest city in Illinois, and third largest in the US after New York and L.A., lounges on the shores of Lake Michigan in the heart of...
Moving to Dallas - Photo of Dallas Skyline

Dallas, TX

Dallas’ inspiring skyline rears from the flat, arid plains that flank the Trinity River in North Texas. The US’ third most densely-populated...
Moving to Honolulu - picture of islands and beaches in Honolulu

Honolulu, HI

Honolulu, the ‘sheltered bay’ rears up from the shores of the Pacific Ocean in a bristling skyline of towers and skyscrapers. Its combination of a...
Moving to Houston - Houston Landscape and bridge

Houston, TX

Oil barons in Stetsons, rodeos, big hairdos, NASA’s Johnson Space Center and its frequently borrowed line: “Houston, we have a problem..." - you’ll...
Moving to Las Vegas - Photo of Casinos and skyline in Nevada

Las Vegas, NV

Las Vegas, best known for its glamorous and glitzy nightlife, is an international gambling mecca. The city’s tolerance for the adult entertainment...
Moving to Los Angeles - Picture of Los Angeles Skyline

Los Angeles, CA

The city of Los Angeles (LA) is known for Hollywood, amazing weather and palm trees to name a few, but also known as the 'Creative Capital of the...
Moving to Memphis - Picture of trams in Memphis

Memphis, TN

Resting on the banks of the mighty Mississippi is Memphis, Tennessee. Don’t be surprised if Country n’ Western music is floating through your head...
Moving to Miami - Picture of skyline and beaches in Miami

Miami, FL

South Beach’s striking art deco hotels that give way to golden sands and a turquoise swell, characterize Miami. This is a city of sun, surf, candy...
Moving to Nashville - skyline picture

Nashville, TN

Nashville, Capital of Country Music, is nestled on the Cumberland River in Davidson County, north-central Tennessee. The city is viewed as being...
Moving to New York - New York City busy street with taxis

New York, NY

New York is a city of superlatives: most populous US city, world’s biggest financial center, most expensive city to live in, the city that never...
Moving to Raleigh - Raleigh Skyline and photos

Raleigh, NC

Raleigh is officially ‘America’s Best City’ to live in, according to a recent and exhaustive survey by Bloomberg’s Business Week. Major factors that...
Moving to San Francisco - Picture of the San Francisco Bridge

San Francisco, CA

San Francisco, famed for its Golden Gate Bridge, Union Square, and Fisherman's Wharf, is one of America’s most liberal, liveable and cosmopolitan...
Moving to Seattle - Seattle Skyline with mountains

Seattle, WA

Seattle's location in the northwest United States gives it one of the most stunning natural settings in North America. It is the largest city in...
Moving to Washington DC - The White House

Washington, D.C.

Friendly, fast-paced, passionate, idealistic … in Washington, D.C., you’ll find yourself surrounded by some of the country’s most highly motivated,...

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