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How do you help people reduce the stress of moving home?

One thing everyone relocating should know – it’s never too early to make a plan. Preparation is the most important thing and can make a big impact on the success and the stress of a move.

And when you make your plans it’s important to include the things that matter to you – the more you know that everything’s organized, the less you worry about it later on. On initial contact, I try to gather as much information about people’s needs as possible. And I get a lot.

I hear about hopes and fears about family heirlooms, worries about schools, or care for pets, about auto relocations, and home closings, fears about storage, and canceling or setting up utility services, work schedules...the list goes on.

The important thing is to take all of these concerns into consideration and plan around them. That way the transferee’s move is as smooth and stress-free as possible.

Rebekah Hill
Domestic Move Manager, Houston, TX

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